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Competition for the Aosta-Pila Gondola | Aosta Valley

The project :

From the landing / boarding walkway of the cableway, the user can decide whether to head towards the ski slopes or, in the opposite direction and well signposted to avoid misunderstandings, make a refreshment stop. User flows have been studied to avoid dangerous crossings between skiers and pedestrians, and the project foresees that a simple and intuitive graphic for vertical and horizontal signs will be able to clearly divide the flows avoiding accident risks. The service block is located in a central position so that it can be directly accessible to all, both for ski users, who want to stop only to use the toilets without necessarily stopping at the bar, and for pedestrians who stop, who will be able to access through another independent entrance. In the area adjacent to the entrance to the refreshment area, areas can be set up where parked skiers can store their skis and boots, before entering the bar or restaurant. The project is designed so that the maximum flexibility and adaptability of the catering spaces can be privileged, according to the needs of the moment (in relation to the demand and the seasonal tourist and weather flow). 80-100 seats are foreseen for the restaurant area, which can be increased on the basis of the need for the whole bar area. In the basement there are areas for the staff area and the kitchen: the latter is connected directly to the bar / restaurant and to the panoramic terrace through a simple freight elevator. This system is very convenient, patented for many years now in even large restaurants that develop on several levels: it works very well logistically as it allows to optimize the flow of staff avoiding the waiter having to enter and leave the kitchen but stay permanently in the table service area. The flexibility of this system will allow, in good season and weather permitting, to even double the accommodation capacity of the restaurant and bar through the use of the panoramic terrace, which is directly connected to the kitchen and the bar service. The attractiveness of the large panoramic terrace, served by toilets and bar / restaurant service, also accessible to the disabled, will be guaranteed by its breathtaking view, which overlooks the ski slopes and the mountains of the area at 360 °. The complex aims to follow the stylistic logic of the valley station, considering the creation of a single and strong stylistic identity of fundamental importance, which, recalling the irregular and asymmetrical shapes of the mountains, establishes a delicate and respectful dialogue with the natural context that characterizes the area.

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