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Transformation of 3 housing pavilions at the Grand-Duc Jean barracks in Diekirch

Cost: approx. EUR 7.2 million   Deadline: in progress

The project :


Owner: Administration of Public Buildings


Total project area: approx. 1.640 m² per pavilion


Built volume: approx. 4,800 m³ per pavilion Transformation of pavilions No. 22 and 23 comprising:

- on floors: dormitories

- on the ground floor: 3 instruction rooms and sanitary rooms (No. 23) resp. dormitories (no. 22)

- in the basement: technical and sanitary rooms, maintenance.

Transformation of pavilion no 09 including:

- 30 studios approx. 30 m² with shower room and kitchenette, spread over 3 floors

- in the basement: common rooms, technical and sanitary, private cellars

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